Jesus Lifted Me – Vol 1

Why Me Lord

What is it with me I often ask,

Before going to the Lord in prayer.

That makes him want to stay with me,

And go with me everywhere.


He's always there when I want to talk,

He listens to every word.

The advice he gives in response,

Beats any lecture I've ever heard.


I think that if I'd ask Him for the moon.

He'd throw in a bunch of stars.

If I ask Him to touch a broken heart,

He'd heal my deepest scars.


Who is this person who loves me so,

What does He hope to gain in return.

I hope someday to respond in kind,

For now I just listen and learn.


Sometimes He reminds me of a child,

Who's love comes in many flavors.

It makes me want to run the block,

And share Him with all my neighbors.

Someday I suppose He'll make it clear,

Why He chose to be my friend.

A constant help in times of trouble,

My ally to the bitter end.

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