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Then Lord You Amaze Me

Can you just imagine what type of world this would be, if everyone used the gift, talents and abilities they have been given, in order to serve others instead of themselves. Paraphrasing John 12: 43, “they prefer the praise of man more than the praise of God.” There are many ways in which people receive the praise of man. It is not just by the applause they receive from others, but it is also by the monetary rewards that they might receive. In other words, when we use the gifts talents and abilities we have received from God, they should be used for God’s glory and not our own. I am not just talking about unbelievers in the entertainment industry, but I am also talking about Christian, who for whatever reason, have not stepped out on faith, and started using the gifts that God has given them, for God’s purpose. We must remember that Satan has a counterfeit for everything of God. When people in the world use their gifts and talents to serve themselves, then they receive the applause, praise and rewards that the world has to offer. Conversely, when people use their gifts, talents and abilities to serve God, then God in turn provides his good gifts in accordance with his riches in glory. For as long as I can remember, I have always said that at some point Christians need to graduate, and start using their gifts talents and abilities for God’s purpose. This means that we should become involved in ministry, for that is when God truly blesses. Several years ago I wrote a song entitled, “Then Lord You Amaze Me.” The song speaks of how God continuously rewards and amazes me during and after my morning prayer time. Because of this, I am always in such awe while in his presence while he ministers to the point of my greatest need. I can’t count the number of times God has caused me to be late for work. I invite you now to select the link below for the song which speaks of the types of good gifts God gives to his children, when we use our God given gifts, talents an abilities for his purpose and glory. Praise the holy name of Jesus!

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