Jesus Lifted Me – Vol 1

Taking Fight

Before I knew God I marveled at the stars.

And wondered what held them in place.

My mind would ponder the intricate details.

That govern both time and space.


Did you know it can take a million years,

For the light from a star to reach your eye.

Think about that the next time you're out,

And look up at a star filled sky.


Why God made the heavens so vast,

Is a question that can catch you off guard.

Until you remember that to a mighty God,

It most seem like a little back yard.


Today I think more about God,

The person who created our universe.

The words He spoke at the beginning of time,

Gave birth to the heavens and the earth.


The spoken word that came from His mouth,

Gave birth to the planets and all the stars.

It's enough to force you to your knees,

And pray my God, how great You are.


Some glad day when I receive my wings,

I'll sore beyond the bounds of space.

To kneel before His heavenly throne,

And bask in His awesome love and grace.

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