New Poems

The Least Of These

The homebound and the homeless,
The families who can't make ends meet.
The sick children with so much faith and trust,
The one's who have been put out in the street.

These are the one's for whom You came,
For the lonely, the helpless those full of disease.
These are the one's You came to serve,
The one's You refer to as the least of these.

You use people to do your will on earth,
Express your will that I might hear it,
Live your life through me O Lord,
Through the power of the Holy Spirit.

You've shown me how to love my neighbors,
Through kindness, caring and generosity.
I want to serve You by serving others,
Those You refer to as the least of these.

Ethan W. Moses

Heaven Is Hiring

Job opportunities await you,
In a far off distant land.
Heaven offers on the job training,
And a fabulous benefits plan.

So if you feel you’re in a rut,
And just existing from day to day.
You have no hope for advancement,
And your bills total more than your pay.

 Consider taking a leap faith,
Courageously try something new.
With opportunities beyond your wildest dreams,
Heaven has a job for you.

You must make your move quickly,
While the desire in your heart still burns.
Heaven is hiring now,
But only until Jesus returns.

Ethan W. Moses

Sorely Missed

Yesterday was your memorial service,
And I awoke not knowing if my tears.

Were caused by blessings from God above,
Or a longing for my wife of forty years.

I feel as though a part of me is missing,
You were always my reason for living.
You always kept me on course like a star,
By your gentle ways and a love so giving.

Today God is helping me to understand,
And I’m beginning to get more excited.
One glad day in God’s timing,
Our soul’s will be reunited.

Until that day when we meet in heaven,
Jesus will help me navigate life’s turns and twists.
I’ll trust Him to get me to where you are,
Until then just know you are sorely missed.

Ethan W. Moses

Happy Heavenly Birthday

It will soon be your birthday,
This poem is my gift to you.
I want to express my fervent hope,
That I made all your dreams come true.

 It will be a very special day,
As we honor and celebrate your life.
I am also sending my thanks to God,
For making you my wife. 

Over the years we became one,
We could sense each other’s mood.
We instinctively knew how each other felt,
Like hunger pains signaled our need for food. 

My goal in life was to serve your needs,
And to make your life worth living.
You added meaning to my life,
You were always so caring and giving. 

Happy Heavenly Birthday Dear!!!

Ethan W. Moses

Satan’s Counterfeit

Satan has a counterfeit for everything of God,
And he uses all of his powers so well.
He brought sickness, sorrow and death into the world.
On that day when Adam and Eve fell.

There are so many on the road to destruction,
Satan has them so deceived and lost.
This is why God sent His only begotten Son,
To die a substitutionary death on the cross.

Satan’s main tactic seems to be,
To make everyone uncaring sociopaths.
To depend on the world to meet their needs,
And to not fear God and His wrath.

Uncaring sociopaths have no concern for others,
Satisfying their selfish desires is a must.
Satan has masterfully deceived so many,
They don’t know the difference between love and lust.

Ethan W. Moses

Jesus Stood

My dear Pam suffered for 40 years,
But never once did she ever complain.
She always had a smile on her face,
And quietly praised Jesus in her pain.

I tried to care for and comfort her,
As I watched the MS take it’s toll.
But it was Jesus who lifted both of us,
From the depths of that deep dark hole.

Because of God’s grace and provision.
Our lives where filled with God’s grace and love.
People looking in from the outside,
Couldn’t understand her strength came from above.

I was with her when God called her a home,
I wouldn’t bring her back if I could,
She suffered enough in this old world,
When she crossed over Jordan, Jesus stood.

Happy Ruby Anniversary

When I look back and think of the love,
We have shared over the past 40 years.
I think of the blessing you have been to me,
As I praise my God and fight back the tears.

Thank you O Lord for this woman,
You brought into my life many years ago.
You knew this woman would be true to me,
And as pure as the white driven snow.

You have proven O Lord the truth in your word.
That because of the storms we have lived through.
You have drawn us so much closer to each other.
And you have drawn us even more closer to you.

Words cannot express the gratitude,
To you O Lord for always being so near.
For teaching me how to be a loving husband,
To this godly woman over these past many years.

Ethan W. Moses

The Bodhi Tree

The Buddha sat beneath the Bodhi tree,
Looking for the answer he sought.
After forty nine days he arose and said,
What I’ve learned cannot be taught.

This Buddha was really quite a guy,
He reminds me a lot of me.
I’ve spent a considerable amount of time,
Kneeling beneath the Dogwood tree.

I think we were looking for the same thing,
Only that was then and this is now.
I was looking for peace and truth,
He was looking for the mighty Tao.

The Bodhi tree has a fig like fruit
Perhaps like Eve was tempted to eat.
The Dogwood blossom has four stained petals,
Reminiscent of the wounds in Christ’ hands and feet
It might sound silly or even absurd,
But I was wondering if it could possibly be.
Would the Buddha have become enlightened sooner,
If he had sat beneath a Dogwood tree?

Ethan W. Moses

Humbled Heart

It’s not often that others believe in your cause,
And are actually willing to take part.
For those of you who have jumped on board,
I would like a thank you from the bottom of my heart.

For many years I have been asking God,
To rid me of my arrogance and pride.
These last few weeks God has been reminding me.
Of why our Savior died.

Because of what Jesus did so long ago,
God opened my eyes so I could see.
I should not have confidence in my own abilities,
But rather in Christ who strengths me.

God strengthens people to do His will on earth,
To free the captives and set the prisoners free.
He has certainly strengthened each one of you,
To dissolve my pride and humble me.

Ethan W. Moses

Diamonds In The Rough

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Saul,
Or if we’re talking about me and you.
God see’s our potential value,
Like uncut diamonds with a pale hue.

Gently and skillfully He fashions us,
Into stones that are so fine.
He will keep chipping away,
To allow our lights to shine.

God didn’t create no junk,
We were fearfully and wonderfully made,
We are His workmanship.
To shine like the sun never to fade.

God is doing the same with us all,
Believe me friend it’s no bluff,
We were all made to look like Him,
For now we’re all diamonds in the rough.

Ethan W. Moses

Use Me Lord

God give me power from time to time,
Sufficient to do His will.
Like a voice calling out from the wilderness,
To the injured, discouraged, and ill.

O Lord I pray you use me,
To encourage a chosen few.
To proclaim your love and mercy,
In a way that brings glory to you.

You are the way, the truth, and the light,
The protector of the down and out.
Your grace is more than sufficient,
To free me from my fear and doubt.

I offer myself to you dear Lord,
Along with any talent I may possess.
Use me Lord to proclaim your love,
Like a voice calling out from the wilderness.

Ethan W. Moses

Power Of Forgiveness

I suffered trauma as a child,
That stuck with me until I was a man.
It wasn’t until God sent healing,
That I began to understand.

I knew I had to forgive those,
Who had hurt me so bad in the past.
God gave me the courage to forgive them,
Then set me free at long last.

I’m no longer haunted by the past,
By God’s grace I’m flying like bird.
This only became possible,
Because of an insight from God’s word.

He reminded me that many follow Satan,
And know not what they do.
We need to forgive the ignorant,
Like Jesus on the cross forgive me and you.

Ethan W. Moses
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