Jesus Lifted Me – Vol 1

Guilty As Sin

Six years ago the Spirit came,

And caused me so much grief.

I didn't know where to turn,

My anguish was beyond belief.


I began to question everything,

Even the principles on which I stood.

The logic that served me all that time,

Proved to be no good.


I began to search in vein for the crack,

That tamed my world upside down.

I searched for the reason in my mind,

But the flaw could not be found.


All of the sudden I realized the truth,

That almost sent me into shock.

The base on which I had pinned my hope,

Was not built on solid rock.


Darkness overcame me,

I just wanted to die.

I realized that all this time,

My life was based on a lie.


That's when Jesus arrived on the scene,

And began to teach me how to live.

It's not about how much we own,

It's about how much we give.

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