Jesus Lifted Me – Vol 1

Greatful Heart

When someone does something nice to you.

You'd like to respond in kind.

Finding the right words or that special gift,

Is sometimes hard to find.


saying thank you oft seems to miss the mark,

And doesn't adequately express how we f'eel.

To that person who took the extra time.

To help us get up that hill.


I somtetimes think we need bigger words,

That allow us to better express our thoughts.

Words that have more emotion and power,

Than any gift that was ever bought.


Then there are times when we instinctively know.

That no words can possibly express.

The gratitude we feel for those special saints,

Who's compassion caused their deaths.


And what do you say to the soldier who's maimed,

That he was simply doing his part?

For people like these we should drop to our knees,

And thank God with a grateful heart.


This is also the way we say thank you to Christ,

For what he did way back when.

His sacrifice on Calvary paid the Price.

And allows the Spirit to live within.

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