Jesus Lifted Me – Vol 1

Flower Power

Consider the flowers that grow with the grass,

In meadows of emerald green.

The finest example of God's affection,

These eyes have ever seen.


Look at the flowers and imagine a world,

Where beauty you could not find.

A world where splendor had no place,

And the people are somber and blind.


A flower relies on the things of God,

To make it flawless in His sight.

His love, the sun, and a dash of rain,

Commingle to style it just right.


This recipe of God is confection for the soul,

That make our days joyful and bright.

It lets us know there's magic within,

The glow of His gracious light.


There's nothing as innocent on this earth,

Or makes a statement with such power.

Nothing as humble or as bold,

As the beauty of a flower.


For only a flower makes you glad,

When nothing else will do.

It's beauty looks you straight in the eye,

And says I do this just for you.

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