The WhisperArt website is being dedicated in loving memory of the life and purpose of Ethan's dear sweet wife of 40 years, Pam


Now that the new WhisperArt website has launched, Ethan is dedicating it in memory of his beloved wife Pam, who recently crossed over from a life of pain, sickness and suffering on this earth, to a new life of joy and happiness with her Savior in heaven. During her life on this earth, Pam was a poster child, of what Jesus referred to as, the least of these. The NEW WhisperArt website has been modeled to reflect Pam’s desire, to minister to and alleviate, the suffering of the world’s broken and down trodden. You can be assured, that when you support the efforts of WhisperArt, you are a partner with us, in not only helping to fulfill Pam’s mission of spreading a message of peace, joy and love to the entire world, but also of fulfilling the purpose and mission of why God sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to this earth, to suffer and die on a cross for your sins and mine.

Ethan W. Moses

That Was Then

WhisperArt Builds School/Orphanage In India

Several years ago WhisperArt was pleased to have the opportunity to build a new school/orphanage in Uluru, India. The video shows both the construction effort and dedication of the new facility, and the positive effect it had not only on the children who would live there, but also on the people in the surrounding area. 



This Is Now

WhisperArt Children Center Initiative

Ethan’s wife Pam had the gift of giving, and she was compelled to use that gift for God’s purpose and glory, just like Ethan is compelled to use his gift of encouragement, and the Apostle Paul was compelled to use his gift of preaching for God's glory. The goal of all three was/is, to allow Jesus to work through them to help turn off the darkness worldwide. Pam was diagnosed with MS early on in life and she made the decision not to have any children of her own, because she thought, children might require more than she could provide. Ethan did not necessarily agree with her decision, but he supported her in her decision nonetheless. Pam explained that there were so many needy children in the world to love, that they did not need any of their own. Throughout Pam‘s entire life, she used her gift of giving to give hope to so many children and to brighten their lives. It is in this tradition, that WhisperArt, is pleased to announce the inception of this new initiative, WhisperArt Children’s Center, dedicated in memory of Ethan’s dear wife Pam. Just like it was Pam goal to give hope to and brighten the lives of needy children through the world, that too will be the goal of WhisperArt Children’s Centers. WhisperArt Children’s Centers, will provide a safe environment for children, supervised by godly teachers, to enjoy their childhood, by doing arts and crafts, which in-turn, will help them to realize what their spiritual gifts might be. Pam's purpose was to use all of the gifts, talents and abilities that God gave her, to allow Jesus to live his life through her, so that she could help turn off the darkness in the lives of many needy children, throughout the world, and allow them to enjoy their childhood. We would like to invite you to join WhisperArt in this cause, by using the Donate Now button above. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.