Jesus Lifted Me – Vol 1

Above The Storm

2 John 1:6 And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love

I was inspired to write this devotional, referencing the verse above on Friday, and I started writing it at around lunchtime on Saturday. Have you ever had a day that begins when the sun comes up and everything looks so beautiful, and you had joy in your heart, and you could really relate to the verse referenced above. Later that same day however, a storm rolls in that threatens to rob you of the peace, joy and contentment you had had earlier. Yesterday was the Sabbath, and it was such a day. I won’t go into all the details or the specifics of what happened, but rather I would just like to share some of the wonderful insights and lessons I learned as a result of this trial which precipitated much prayer and searching through Holy Scripture. I feel that because of what we went through this weekend, I have a much greater understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the very character of God. I now have a better understanding of what John 3:16 means and Romans 8:28, and also a better understanding of why Jesus gave us the Great Commission. My wife and I do not have children, but I learned what it must be like when a parent loses a son or daughter. I also learned a little bit about the great sorrow and grief that God experienced when Jesus died on that Roman cross or when one of His children rejects Him and chooses the wrong path, and I felt such empathy for my God. After the incident occurred Saturday evening, I began to pray and seek the Lord. God revealed many truths to me to help me better understand what was happening, and He simply said, trust me. I fell asleep praying and shortly after I awoke on Sunday, The Lord’s Day, I saw God begin to work. Not only did God resolve the situation, but he also returned our loved one to us. Of course this brought to my mind the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. All I can say, as a result of all that happened is, what a mighty, powerful and wonderfully loving God we serve! Not only will he lift us above the store, but He will also calm the store. Praise the holy name of Jesus!

Above The Storm

While thinking about a saint that I once knew,

I realized a truth right out of the blue.

This saint had problems apart from the norm,

Still God lifted her high above the storm.

She had an air of grace and light,

She never spoke a word out of spite.

Her manner was always gentle and calm,

She had everyone eating from her palm.

Her secret was simple as far as I could tell,

Her body was a temple, a living well.

People came from far and wide,

To drink of the water she would provide.

She was a saint and one of a kind,

A better person you would never find.

Even though she’s gone I still sense her grace,

No one will ever take her place.

Her passing left me high and dry,

With an empty cup and a tear in my eye.

When I asked God how to continue to sail,

He said even you can be a living well.

With his help even though our hearts are torn,

He’ll lift us high above the raging storm.

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